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On 4/23/10 5:52 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I have a Linksys WVC54GCA camera running under Fedora-12.
> This camera can be connected under Ethernet or WiFi.
> The theory is that you connect it under Ethernet
> and set it up, and it then runs under WiFi.
> I find that while it works for one dhcpd lease
> (or possibly two leases) it seems always to fail then.

What does that mean?  It's only going to have one lease at a time.

If you use DHCP you really need have it set up with a static address.

> As I want to run it at a remote site (in another country)
> this is not much use.
> I don't see anything in /var/log/messages to explain this.
> The camera does not seem to ask for renewal of its lease.
> Assuming that this is something to do with the camera,
> I wonder if anyone has advice on a suitable WiFi camera
> for this purpose?
> I guess I'd prefer a tilt and shift camera,
> if such is available for a reasonable sum.
> If anyone has experience of running such a camera
> under Fedora or CentOS I should very much like to hear
> your experience.

One thing is make sure to upgrade the firmware.  I have the same model 
and before I updated the firmware it would hang after 1-2 days.  I'm not 
sure about it now but it might be staying up for 1-2 weeks.  It might 
not be hanging up, I haven't checked it out thoroughly yet.

I can't recall if I've ever accessed this camera from Fedora.  I can 
access it from Mac OS, Debian, UBuntu and WinXP.
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