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On Fri, 2010-04-23 at 02:54 -0400, Jameson wrote:
> Has anyone ever used a Grandtec Key-3000?  I'm trying to get one set
> up, but have had no luck, and can't find any information out there.
> It's a wireless keyboard and trackball.  I thought it would be seen as
> just a USB keyboard and mouse, but so far, it doesn't do anything.
> Any ideas?

You would have to provide at least what happens in dmesg when you plug
it in. Preferrably also lsusb output for the device.

It may be completely different from the only similar keyboard I have
used, but anyway; The diNovo Edge works nicely when plugged into F12.
The USB plug gets identified as a keyboard and mouse, but not as a
bluetooth radio. This way it can be used even before a user has logged
in and bluetooth becomes operative. On a laptop you can attach the
diNovo Edge as a normal bluetooth keyboard/mouse without using the
included USB dongle. Of course you then have to log in using the laptop
keyboard before you can switch.

If your keyboard is similar, I guess all that is needed is to get the
plug recognized as a keyboard/mouse provider. Post a little more info
and I am sure you can get help.


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