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On 17 April 2010 21:05, jdow <[email protected]> wrote:
> From: "Sam Sharpe" <[email protected]>
> Sent: Saturday, 2010/April/17 02:25
>> On 17 April 2010 10:17, jdow <[email protected]> wrote:
>>> <<jdow
>>> How many people get frustrated with SELinux and simply disable it?
>> I don't know, but stupidity appears to be an infinite resource. I tend
>> to believe that if you disable SELinux and you get exploited by
>> something that SELinux would prevent, then the only thing at fault is
>> *you*.
>> However in this case, both a sysctl and SELinux prevent what this
>> attack claims to do, so if you disable SELinux it still won't work.
> Are you sanguine to declare Linux cannot be taken over by malware
> given that the most recent rather dramatic hole found is less than a
> year old AND new features (hence bugs) are being introduced every
> day? How much is the data on the machine worth to you?

You seem to have a general problem with comprehension. That is not
what I said - I simply said that the exploit you referred to wouldn't

> If it means nothing, then why not run Windows wide open and make yourself
> a hero to the botnet operators? {^_-}

Don't be an idiot.

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