Re: latest kernel boots to a blank screen

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"On 03:57:39 am Mogens Kjaer <[email protected]> said"
> On 03/24/2010 06:57 AM, ka1ifq wrote:
> ...
> > If the system boots to a black screen, how do you run the add / remove
> > software??
> Can't you boot into runlevel 3?
> Mogens
 I could. I did try booting previous kernels from the list at boot, but it 
provides the same black screen.
 I did try many other things listed here to no avail. I do not wish to reload 
as I will loose some programs and libs I compiled for a project. I am not sure 
booting to RL3 will help as I have tried many solutions from command line 
 I usually use another Linux flavor, but used FC12 as I was working on a 
project with another person, kinda bummed this happened. I guess I may have to 
start from scratch if I do not find a sloution soon.


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