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I have a strange problem with NetworkManager since yesterday.
I was connected through WIFI all the afternoon. At some point I got many:

NetworkManager: <WARN>  nm_call_store_remove(): Trying to remove a 
non-existant call id.

Still the network worked. Then I rebooted the computer, and since then 
just states "Networking disabled" with no possible action. Enquiring, it 
seems that I have some
dbus service that disappeared (don't ask I do not know why).

Both the files 
/usr/sbin/nm-sttings have disappeared (provided they exist of Fedora 12, 
my reference system is a Fedora 10 one).

My problem is that those two file do not belong to any rpm ?? How can I 
restore them ??

Is it normal to have such important files (or actually any file at all) 
not dealt with rpm ??
In my (probably simplistic) view, every non-generated system file should 
be assigned to an rpm...

Thank's for any help.

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