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On Sat, 2010-03-13 at 15:26 -0800, Russell Miller wrote:
> We are *not* irrelevant.  I'm not, and neither is the OP, and the
> attitude 
> that says we are is the *problem*. 
#1 - mentioning Red Hat or the NYSE on a Fedora list is irrelevant.

#2 - this is a community based distribution and the software, packaging,
etc. is done by people who volunteer and the few people who are paid but
they cannot do it all. Most of the software is actually developed by
others, not related to Fedora, Red Hat or affiliated in any way.

#3 - If your expectation is to get mature, supported software, that is
what Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and there are others out there) is all
about. Fedora clearly is 'leading edge' and not mature, not supported
and not sold.

Relevance is lending a hand to make things better. Bug reporting,
submitting better documentation, helping others solve problems. I'm
sorry that you had problems submitting bug reports but I can see that a
typical user will have difficulty identifying which software is the
problem and how to make a bug report but try reporting a bug to Apple or
Microsoft or any other software company and tell me how well you make
out. The fact is that open source software actually permits the users
entry/access to the process and problem resolution paths but cannot
ensure that the user actually understands his role.

There are people who light candles and people who curse the darkness.

Marcel is like a broken record - rehashing the same things he groused
about last week as if yet another 2000 words on the same topics is going
to be any less of a waste of electrons this week. But I didn't say that
he was irrelevant or that everything he said was irrelevant. His rants
are irrelevant.

Yes, Fedora is imperfect... it's also an imperfect world. If he or
anyone else needs help with a specific issue, they are almost always
handled expeditiously. But if he or someone else wants to draw big
picture issues, they should at least understand something about open
source development, software packaging, the origins, the process, etc.
Otherwise, they are irrelevant.


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