Re: Fedora 12: no sound after switch users

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Around about 08/03/10 17:24, Mikkel typed ...
> Before you do a lot of debugging, your system is working properly
> with the default setup. <snip one PA at a time>

   I don't fully understand this;  with F10, I never had any problems with 
PAS and multiple users, to the degree that if my wife was playing music I 
could switch back to my login, have sounds myself and then switch back and 
her music would start back up.

   Maybe I was just always lucky with timings and logged her in after my PA 
had timed out, but that doesn't feel right.

> One way to get around this is to run a system wide PA daemon. But
> make sure you understand the security risk of doing so. (They are
> pointed out in the docs.)

   OK, thanks, I'll read up on that.  Although I'm suspicious that I've just 
disabled gdm sound because *it* was hogging the sound and locking up users 
logins when they tried to sound out, and that sounds a bit like having a 
system-wide PA set up.

> If my memory about PA releasing the sound card, you may be able to
> work around it by tweeking the timeout setting, and making sure you
> do not get any system sounds when changing users.

   I'll look at timing settings as well, thanks.

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