Re: Fedora 12: no sound after switch users

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On 03/08/2010 06:48 AM, Neil Bird wrote:
>    Following on from another thread (in which gdm seemed to be stealing 
> sound-ability from users), I've updated to the latest pulseuadio RPMs from 
> updates-testing, and by situation seems to have gotten worse.
>    (NB: this is fedora 12;  it was all working swimmingly in fedora 10, from 
> which I upgraded a few weeks back).
>    After a reboot, I log in.  I have sound, no problems AFAICT.  If I then 
> switch users for my wife to log in (while I remain logged in), she gets no 
> sound at all.
>    A quick investigation shows that her PA config. has dropped back to a 
> 'dummy' output device.  I can switch back to my login and hear my sound 
> again, but nothing i can do can get hers working again.
>    I am utterly at a loss as to how to debug/diagnose pulseaudio, it's gone 
> well beyond my ken;  can anyone help point me in the right direction?
Before you do a lot of debugging, your system is working properly
with the default setup. When a user log on in the GUI mode, a PA
daemon is started for them. As soon as you play something through
PA, it grabs the ALSA device it is configured to use. If I remember
correctly, after so long with no output, it releases it again. The
problem when you change logins, the new one also starts its own PA
daemon. If there isn't a sound card available, it is stuck using the
dummy one.

One way to get around this is to run a system wide PA daemon. But
make sure you understand the security risk of doing so. (They are
pointed out in the docs.)

If my memory about PA releasing the sound card, you may be able to
work around it by tweeking the timeout setting, and making sure you
do not get any system sounds when changing users.


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