disk druid !!!!! why like this ???

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Dear *,

I've facing one problem ( doing partitioning practice on 10GB IDE 
hard-disk  )

I'm trying to create following partition layout

device                    size             mount-point
hda1                      100mb            /boot

hda2                      500mb            swap

hda3                     5000mb            /

hda4                     4500mb        Extended partition

hda5                       500mb            /var

hda6                     1000mb            /var/www

hda7                     2000mb            /home

hda8                     1000mb            /usr

I've done this on disk druid

licked on new ---> mount point */boot *filesystem type ext3 100MB  ( 
fixed sized is selected ) and it becomes hda1

again   licked on new ----> filesystem type Swap 500MB  ( fixed sized is 
selected )  and it becomes hda2   ...

now creating / ( root ) partition

again clicked on new ---> mount point */*  filesystem type ext3 5000mb ( 
fixed sized is selected ) ... now something happens as soon as I press ok

the swap partition is sifted to hda3 (previously it was on hda2 ) and / 
partition goes to hda2

if I go ahead with this and create other partition / goes to hda5

why like this ????

how do I exactly  maintain the said order of the partition in exercise ??

   ^ ^  Jatin Khatri
Registerd Linux user No #501175
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