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On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 9:51 AM, Gene Heskett <[email protected]> wrote:
> I am ambivalent about this story, primarily because access to the real story
> is denied to the general, casual reader.  The links provided so far are only
> to aired snippets that have been quite filtered as to any meaningful, make a
> determination as to whose side of the story one should really be on, data.
> TBT, this casual reader has had his own share of troubles with the IRS, but
> that was all because of a 2nd wife/bitch that flew the coop leaving me
> holding the bag.   And this 'casual reader' isn't about to pay, exposing my
> CC info yet again, to be able to read your story.  Until then, I believe the
> innuendo is not appropriate for this list.

The requirement that one sign up as a member to read my story while it
is in the Edit or Voting Queues, will persist only until my story is
(hopefully) approved by the membership.  At that point, it will be
freely available to any anonymous user, without any requirement to
sign up or to pay anything at all.  I expect that it will post by
Saturday evening or so.

> Sorry Michael, I didn't find anything but a login block at that address,
> hence my reticence to comment on the 'facts' since they are being hidden from
> us behind a $5.00 toll gate.

Kuro5hin's five dollar "entrance fee" has been the topic of loud and
frequent protests the whole time it has been in force.  Unfortunately,
because of the "spirited" nature of the typical Kuron, the fee is the
only solution that has been found to keep the trolls from completely
overrunning the place.

I'll let you know when it posts publicly.  Also when I get home from
work, I plan to mirror the whole piece on my own website, where it
will be just a static HTML page, with nary a web application, nor even
a cookie anywhere near the place.

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