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Bill Davidsen said the following on 02/15/2010 12:47 PM Pacific Time:
> John Poelstra wrote:
>> Has anyone figured out a way to convert the files created by the free
>> faxing services from (efx format) to another format like PDF or
>> tiff?
>> I'm also trying to run the Windows program provided by efax under wine
>> on Fedora 12 (i686), but the windows installer doesn't finish.
> Since I don't run that I can only ask, what is the file format (output of the
> file command)? If they are jbig (standard fax format) you can use the jbig
> toolkit or the jbig parts of the netpbm package.

$ file 770036344.efx
770036344.efx: data

It seems to be their own special format.

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