Re: installing and running memcache under fedora 12?

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On 9 February 2010 22:17, Robert P. J. Day <[email protected]> wrote:
> "Finally we need to get the Memcached extension for PHP installed.
> Again using yum:
> yum install php-pecl-memcache"
>  we *need* to get that extension for PHP installed?  really?  but if
> it's necessary, why is it not listed as a dependency for memcached?
> what if i *don't* install it?  how does memcached work *then*?
>  just curious about that lack of dependency.

Memcache can cache lots of things in lots of ways, not just PHP. If
you want to cache via Memcache using PHP (which is what that article
is about) then you need php-pecl-memcache.

For example, lets say I have a big beefy MySQL serving machine with
oodles of spare memory. I also have 4 webservers. I want to use a
centralised memcache installation on the DB server, but I'm going to
access the objects from the webservers.

In this case, the DB server needs only memcached and the webservers
need only php-pecl-memcache - neither is a direct dependency on the

Make sense?

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