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Alan Cox wrote:
>> Well, the reason appears to be that cdrecord is not available in Fedora unless 
>> you install it yourself, Fedora has chosen to take the respected cdrecord name 
>> and put wodim in its place. This seems to me as ethical as selling replica Rolex 
>> watches, the user get something other than what they expect.
> In which case please remmeber to do the following
> mv ssh openssh
> mv sshd opensshd
> mv cp gnucp
> mv ls gnuls 
> etc..

Do you feel that any of these accept the commands of the original and 
are incapable of correctly producing the desired result?

Neither do I.

But wodim can not claim that behavior, and so should be called by its 
own name (and only that name, although I've used a few other names, too, 
after wasting media).

Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
  "We can't solve today's problems by using the same thinking we
   used in creating them." - Einstein

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