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On 02/06/2010 07:46 PM, Paolo Galtieri wrote:
> what's interesting is that the first 240+Mb take seconds. it's the last 
> 30Mb that seem to take forever, i.e. the progress bar displays the first 
> 240+Mb almost immediately and then it stops.   I would expect the write 
> itself should take seconds, but the sync to the drive, which doesn't 
> occur until you eject the drive, should take more time.
The first rush is probably filling the write buffer. Then it has to
write the buffer, before filling it again. Because the drive is
mounted with the flush option, the filesystem will try to flush to
disk more early than normal.

One other thing - the sync to disk will usually occur before you
eject the drive. It will occur when ever the write buffer allocated
to the drive is full, or when the drive is otherwise idle. I believe
there is also a time limit that data can stay in the write buffer
before it has to be written to disk. (I can not remember all the
tuning parameters right now...)


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