Re: radeon driver heading in wrong direction :-(.

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On 02/01/2010 03:49 PM, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 22:31:22 +0000,
>    Marko Vojinovic<[email protected]>  wrote:
>> Suppose I am a newbie for computers, and I decided to buy the latest&greatest
>> in available hardware (btw, this can make sense if you don't want your machine
>> to be obsolete by tomorrow).  So when I get to choose a graphics card for my
>> new shiny desktop machine, which of the two do you recommend to work better in
>> Fedora?
>> (1) ATI Radeon HD 5970, or
>> (2) nVidia Quadro FX 5800
> (3) Don't buy either if you are planning on using 3d graphics in Fedora right
> now.
> (4) Buy a second inexpensive card for use in Fedora. Or reuse one of the many
> cards you have sitting around after replacing your video card every year.

As a tongue in cheek comment, it is sort of funny.   I know people that 
don't go two years without upgrading hardware.

I will recommend the nVidia.  Their site states that they support the 

>> You are basically listing hardware that is either inferior in performance or
>> is going to become obsolete in a year.
> Obsolete? Not for Fedora. Maybe for playing the latest Windows based games
> or doing some sort of commercial rendering.
>> You are basically recommending that Fedora users buy inferior hardware, for
> And much cheaper hadrware. And possibly passively cooled hardware that is
> quieter. (The 9200 was a really card for its time. It was inexpensive and
> didn't need a separate fan.)

Now there is a problem here.  It is the card interface.  I have gone 
through this twice in the past.  Needing faster 3D and looking at video 
cards.  I couldn't get a card to fit my motherboard.  I needed to 
upgrade from PCI to AGP.  I had to get a new computer.  This was due to 
dropping of support for my ATI card.

The new computer had AGP support.  I purchased an ATI with it.  I went 
home and fought for two months trying to get the 3D working using the 
ATI drivers.  No joy.  On a whim one day, I decided to try an nVidia 
card that was on sale.  In less than 30 minutes of paying for the card, 
I had beautiful running 3D on my Linux box.  This included all the 
downloads and reading the readme.  No RPM here.

I have a Dell computer with Intel video and guess what.  It doesn't work 
for 3D in Linux.  I searched and no joy on a fix as it was a known 
support issue.  Found a old nVidia and all is well.

I do believe in support for OSS but there are times where you have to 
have a working system over using OSS.  This discussion about the video 
is just part of the bigger picture.

In general, most computer users just want their systems to work.  My 13 
year old can install F12 on a laptop and manage it.  I think that is 
great.  Of course, I chose nVidia over the Intel or ATI choices because 
ATI and Intel didn't list support for the product options I was looking 
at.  nVidia did.

My desktop at home was replaced one afternoon after the motherboard 
died.  I didn't have time to order on line or struggle with searching 
for cheaper/older products to support OSS.  I had to take what was on 
the shelf and available before I walked out of the store.  I ended up 
with hardware that I wouldn't have purchased if I had time to review 
product.  But the nVidia card I chose, worked as expected.

What is this saying?  I have not had any issues to speak of with nVidia. 
  I have had issues with both Intel and ATI.  Both with old and new 

I say support the company that supports their customers.  I would prefer 
OSS but that is not always the option.  Just as using Linux all the time 
instead of Windows isn't either.

The developers must understand that the users want systems to do their 
work with.  This requires 3D and acceleration in this day and age. 
People going to "Joe's Computer Store" down the street will purchase 
pretty modern hardware.  If they cannot install Linux, then we have lost 
a user to Windows.  I would rather see nVidia getting their money than 
Microsoft.  But that is me.

Lets not forget that part of our goal is to get more and more people to 
use Linux as well as supporting OSS.  This type of debate, though good 
for the more advance community isn't good for the new user that wants to 
play Tux Racer and watch You Tube videos.

Robin Laing
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