Re: radeon driver heading in wrong direction :-(.

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Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> You mean as in nVidia drivers taking a week or so to adjust to new kernel
> version and reach rpmfusion? Wow, that's a bummer! So you suggest we all
> opt to use ATI drivers which don't work at all on current X for several
> months now, basically since F12 appeared? And who knows when (or if) they
> will actually start supporting modern X?
> You are saying that we should abandon closed source drivers for cards
> which work and are well supported by nVidia, and instead use closed source
> drivers which don't work and have lousy (if any) Linux support from ATI?
> Call me stupid, but I don't understand your argument.

As others have explained, this is a strawman, i.e. you're misrepresenting or 
misunderstanding my position. I DO NOT RECOMMEND using the proprietary ATI 
drivers or ANY other non-Free driver!!!

What I recommend is using one of the following:
* Intel integrated graphics (the desktop/laptop versions, NOT the 
GMA500/Poulsbo which is NOT supported by the Free intel driver) with the 
Free intel driver.
* ATI Radeon cards from the r1xx-r5xx series (basically, the ones without 
"HD" in the name) with the Free radeon driver.
* If you don't mind experimental 3D support, ATI Radeon cards from the r6xx 
or r7xx series (Radeon HD cards up to HD 4xxx) with the Free radeon driver 
(see the mesa-dri-drivers-experimental package in F12). But as they say, 
YMMV. Use an older Radeon or an Intel chip if you want something stable now.

All of these are supported with 3D/OpenGL acceleration in the Free (as in 
speech) drivers.

        Kevin Kofler

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