Open source medication adherence tools?

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Hi Folks,

I'm looking for any open source software designed to help patients with
medication adherence (that is, sticking to and tracking a regular regime
of medications).

I've searched around a fair bit but haven't yet come up with much;
there's some cool R-based statistical tools for analysing adherence
studies and a lot of freeware (no source) stuff that covers the kind of
reminder/patient help tool that I'm looking for but not much in the open
space for that kind of need.

I'm interested in creating something to fill this gap - I have to admit
that my ideal target would be a Maemo application for Nokia's N-series
Linux tablets/phones but I think it makes sense to structure something
like this in a way that makes it portable to a wide range of desktop
environments and devices without too much effort.

I'd be really interested to hear of anything that already exists in this
area - one thing I'm looking for is data to "seed" an embedded database
of common medications, pack sizes, dose schedules etc. All this
information is freely available but the versions that already exist in
electronic format that I've found all have cost and licensing conditions
that would be problematic.

I'd also loge to hear from anyone who might like to collaborate on this
kind of project.


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