Re: Blacklisting Nouveau

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Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Roger wrote:
>> Please explain how Nouveau is the best. Read my comments below before
>> responding!
> It's the best available in Free Software. The nvidia driver is NOT Free 
> Software. Fedora supports Free Software and ONLY Free Software. So we ship 
> Nouveau.
>> May I suggest you visit the site and research the hundreds,
>> if not thousands of ways 3D is used and required.
>> As 3D is a requirement for serious and conceptual archeitectural,
>> engineering, scientific, marine and landscape design, Ot University and
>> others use 3D for graphics as do many many commercial advertising
>> companies. Please explain why these should be disregarded due to
>> difficult installation requirements.
>> We are succeeding in getting more users over to Linux and Open Source
>> than ever before.
>> Please explain the above which comment suggests that we should forgo
>> these because one Open Source application is not up to scratch.
>> That is unacceptable.
> You don't need to forgo 3D software, you just need to choose supported 
> hardware, which is basically everything not made by NVidia (OK, there's also 
> the Intel GMA500 "Poulsbo" netbook graphics chip and ATI Radeon HD >= 5000 
> (r8xx, codename "evergreen") chips which are not supported at this time, but 
> everything else made by Intel and ATI/AMD in the last few years has working 
> 3D support in the Free drivers).
>         Kevin Kofler
Sorry but that just isn't so. If your ATI card is a couple of years old,
it _may_ have good 3D support, but even that is pathetic ("working" !=
"good", or often even palatable) compared to what is available as
"supported hardware" in that other OS.

What is needed is real, up to date support from both major graphics
vendors, and that won't happen until enough people put pressure on the
vendors, who are currently more than happy serving primarily the (that
other OS) gaming market, to get on the ball.

Personally, I consider ATI to be nothing more than scrap metal waiting
for a rubbish bin, and you couldn't pay me enough money to ditch nVidia
for ATI. Out of three, two of the ATI boards I have had have been utter
crap, while I have never been disappointed with an nVidia board (or
boards); however, they both get low marks for Open Source support.

- Paul

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