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Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Marcel Rieux wrote:
>> Since the NVIDIA forums are just a lost of time, I'll first ask the
>> question here.
>> I have an NVIDIA 9400GT card and a Sony LCD TV linked with an HDMI cable.
>> First problem I found: the S/PDIF cable -- which is needed only with
>> NVIDIA cards -- wasn't installed. The plug had a molding problem and
>> one of the 4 holes was blocked. (The hole was just empty: no wire
>> going to it.) I opened it with a pin, installed it with the arrow
>> facing the closest part of the motherboard, reversed it, and, of
>> course, sound doesn't come out of the TV. It's an Nvidia product!
>> Anybody got this working?
> Did you get PulseAudio to send output to the connector? Many times this is a PA 
> config issue.
That is actually a very good question....

Everything I would find out about ASUS Nvidia 9400GT based cards
(assuming this is an actual card) is that the spdif cable is simply a
pass though.  One connects the spdif cable from the graphics card to
either a sound card connector or motherboard connector (depending on
your system and its configuration) and sound is simply passed through to
the HDMI. 

So, one needs to ensure the output is configured correctly.

FWIW, this also seems to indicate that the Nvidia drivers are not used
for this function.

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