Re: NVIDIA: no sound to TV via HDMI

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On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 8:30 PM, Ed Greshko <[email protected]> wrote:
> Marcel Rieux wrote:
>> Since the NVIDIA forums are just a lost of time, I'll first ask the
>> question here.
>> I have an NVIDIA 9400GT card and a Sony LCD TV linked with an HDMI cable.
>> First problem I found: the S/PDIF cable -- which is needed only with
>> NVIDIA cards -- wasn't installed. The plug had a molding problem and
>> one of the 4 holes was blocked. (The hole was just empty: no wire
>> going to it.) I opened it with a pin, installed it with the arrow
>> facing the closest part of the motherboard, reversed it, and, of
>> course, sound doesn't come out of the TV. It's an Nvidia product!
>> Anybody got this working?
> You have a Nvidia 9400GT "based" card.  Who is the card manufacture?
> Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS, ZOTAC, ... ?


> What is the actual model number?

No idea. OEM package.

> FWIW, not all vendor/configurations are equal and features may, and do,
> vary by product.

I checked Asus for my Twinview problem and there was only one message
relating to Twinview and it had to do with DVI-D:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- DVI-D doesn't work
DVI-D works for me on my Sony Wega HDTV, with and without TwinView.
Windows XP with VGA as primary CRT, DVI as secondary DFP. ... - Cached

I don't believe I'll fidn much on Asus' site. It's apparently not the
forum where people go when they have problems.

I wonder how much Asus modifies the card and if it's not only
relabeling for tax purposes.
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