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> I noticed that when I upgraded to FC 11, the screen lets me know that I have
> to hit the F1 key to continue. How can I disable this so it automatically
> continues?

Is this prompt coming from the BIOS, or Fedora?  It sounds more like
it's a BIOS prompt than something coming from Fedora, but if you are
using a boot loader to support multiple OSs on the machine then that
would be another possibility, and I've seen a few *NIX daemons that
will pause on config errors and wait for a key press during boot.  Is
there anything else on the screen immediately above the prompt that
might be relevant?

If it's a BIOS prompt, then Ed's advice is good.  Press the required
key on boot (usually "Del") and check the BIOS settings - there will
probably be a setting for halting on errors or pausing on the BIOS
configuration summary screen that needs to be changed.  If you have a
graphical BIOS boot screen enabled, then you may need to disable that
as well in order to see what it would otherwise be telling you.  Quite
why installing Fedora would change BIOS settings though, I have no
idea - maybe if you opened the case to swap hard drives or something
you could cause a setting reset.


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