running *only* NFSv4 on f12 produces rpc.mountd error

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  i'm currently still messing with various bits of NFS on f12, and
i wanted to see if i could properly run *only* NFSv4 (that is, no
support for any earlier version of NFS), so some questions.

  first, is there a short way to examine what versions are supported
by a running nfsd?  i'm *guessing* that i can see that via "rpcinfo

    100003    2   tcp   2049  nfs
    100003    3   tcp   2049  nfs
    100003    4   tcp   2049  nfs
    100003    2   udp   2049  nfs
    100003    3   udp   2049  nfs
    100003    4   udp   2049  nfs

  is that what i'm being shown above?  that i currently have support
for versions 2, 3 and 4?    is there no simpler way to query a running
nfsd for that info?

  but here's where it gets trickier.  from here (which i assume is

i'm told that, under NFSv4, there is no need for any of rpc.mountd,
rpc.lockd or rpc.statd (as i read it, all this functionality has been
moved into the kernel with NFSv4).

  so i can see how to disable support for all earlier versions of nfs
in /etc/sysconfig/nfs:

# Define which protocol versions mountd
# will advertise. The values are "no" or "yes"
# with yes being the default

  so i uncomment all those lines to (allegedly) disable all earlier
version support and:

# service nfs restart
Shutting down NFS mountd:                                  [  OK  ]
Shutting down NFS daemon:                                  [  OK  ]
Shutting down NFS quotas:                                  [  OK  ]
Shutting down NFS services:                                [  OK  ]
Starting NFS services:                                     [  OK  ]
Starting NFS quotas:                                       [  OK  ]
Starting NFS daemon:                                       [  OK  ]
Starting NFS mountd: Usage: rpc.mountd [-F|--foreground] [-h|--help]
[-v|--version] [-d kind|--debug kind]
	[-o num|--descriptors num] [-f exports-file|--exports-file=file]
	[-p|--port port] [-V version|--nfs-version version]
	[-N version|--no-nfs-version version] [-n|--no-tcp]
	[-H ha-callout-prog] [-s|--state-directory-path path]
	[-g|--manage-gids] [-t num|--num-threads=num]

  ok, what just happened there?  am i not allowed to do what i just
tried?  and if i explicitly try to run *only* NFSv4, why is rpc.mountd
even being invoked?  is there something else i need to be doing here?


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