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Sam Varshavchik wrote:

> Maybe, maybe not. I have several laptops here. Each one produces a 
> different list of possible VGA modes.

actually, maybe so.

'vga mode' actually applies to crt, cathode ray tube, displays. laptops came
along long after crt and because of being 'solid state' [ss] design, laptop
screens and solid state monitors have their own dot pattern array, as apposed
to phosphor dot pattern, and sweep rates. which gives them their own vga
*emulation* modes.

i can not comment on ibm's early multi window red led flat screen monitor
because i never saw any tech spec for them. they were large and impressive.

> Your actual VGA modes depend solely on your video BIOS.

which is different between *crt* and *ss* displays.

> I looked, and I was unable to find any way to obtain a list of supported
> video modes from userspace. The boot time prompt is the only time yu see
> them.



peace out.



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