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Richard Shaw wrote:

> try adding a VESA mode, something like "vga=..." I'm not
> sure what resolution you want to run but try "vga=ask" the first time
> and pick the one you like the most. If you're happy with it change the
> parameter to "vga=0x<mode>". I found out the hard way that you need to
> put "0x" on the front of whichever mode you choose.

either a hex value or a decimal value may be passed.

"0x" is used if you pass a hex value, else value passed will be taken as
being a decimal value.

some basic resolution codes, in decimal, are:

colors  bits  640x480  800×600  1024×768  1152×864 1280×1024  1600×1200
   256    8   vga=769  vga=771   vga=773   vga=353   vga=775    vga=796
  32K0        vga=784  vga=787   vga=790   vga=354   vga=793    vga=797
  65K0   16   vga=785  vga=788   vga=791   vga=355   vga=794    vga=798
  16M7   24   vga=786  vga=789   vga=792   vga=795   vga=799

this page has charts for passing hex values with a few decimal thrown in;

if you have "kernel source package" installed, you should find info in;




peace out.



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