Why are the virtual machine RPMs not updated in the repo for F11?

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I was doing some checking on the virt-manager GUI and found it is significantly out of date. The version in the F11 repo is 0.7 while the version on the web site


is currently at 0.8.1 last I checked. The date for the 0.7 version is back in March of 2009. That makes it at least 9 months old and 2 revisions behind what is there now.

The same could be said for the other packages too:

In the repo is virtinst v0.400.3 - current is v0.500.1
In the repo is virt-viewer v0.0.3-6 - current is v0.2.0

Who do I have to contact about getting these packages updated and in the repo for update downloads?


Leland C. Scott

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