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I am trying to make nut work, in this case with the usbhid-ups driver for a 
Belkin UPS.  Something is interfering with the drivers access to the ups, I 
can often see device or resource busy messages in the drivers debugging 
output, which causes it to do a restart, looking for all the devices it knows 
about.  Eventually it will find it again, but in the attempts to do so are 
hidden the messages about something else accessing the device & locking 
usbhid-ups out.  From a screen scrape:

Checking device (050D/0751) (001/016)
- VendorID: 050d
- ProductID: 0751
- Manufacturer: Belkin
- Product: Belkin UPS
- Serial Number: unknown
- Bus: 001
Trying to match device
Device matches
failed to claim USB device: could not claim interface 0: Device or resource 

The errors of course propagate up through upsd to upsmon which in term 
reports no perms and stale data.

Does anyone know what might be attempting to gain access to this usb 
connected device besides usbhid-ups?

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene
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