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On Thursday 31 December 2009, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> Somewhat OT: IMHO one thing that makes installing Fedora harder than it
> needs to be for the majority of users is the default use of LVM. I've
> been using Fedora since before it was Fedora, and have *never* had a
> situation in which LVM was any use to me. I understand the benefits it
> brings to large installations with complex and varying storage
> requirements, but that's not the case for most people and having to deal
> with its highly domain-specific terminology turns it into a mental
> obstacle that would be better avoided.
On this we can agree. My last F11 install blew up because of a problem with 
LVM. I don't "do" LVM because I've got a fairly minimal computer. It's not 
like I've got a 100 Tbyte RAID array or anything like that... I just have 
no use for LVM so I can understand what you're saying. I agree that LVM 
should default to "off" but that it should be easy for more advanced users 
to turn it on should they need it. Perhaps someone will read this and say 
"hey, these guys have a point. Let's change the defaults!" :-)

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