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On Tuesday 22 December 2009, Antonio Olivares wrote:
>> > > Hi;
>> > >
>> > > I am once again not receiving some posts from the
>> fedora-list.
>> > Is it possible that you configured the list for awhile
>> not to seed your
>> > posts back to you.
>> No.  I haven't been into my fedora-list profile for a
>> while and it has
>> always worked before.  Besides, not only am I losing
>> some of my own
>> posts coming back, but I am losing responses to my posts
>> and even one or
>> two responses to other people's threads.
>> However, today I have been receiving today's postings today
>> like I
>> normally do.
>> **  Just now, as I was typing this at 9:41 pm EST, I
>> received 61
>> fedora-list posts.  Six or seven of the posts are
>> current.  The rest are
>> marked yesterday or two days ago and include all the posts
>> I was looking
>> for.
>> It doesn't make sense.
And here is another +1000. Day, or more old msgs suck.

Happy New Year all.

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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