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TNWestTex wrote:

Paul Allen Newell wrote:
François Patte wrote:
Paul Allen Newell <pnewell@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

To all:

Installed f12 without any problems.

Discovered that crtl-alt-backspace was disabled in f12 and how I could edit my xorg.conf to restore that feature.

Searched Fedora f12 web pages and they told me to install system-config-display to create an xorg.conf that matched the default that the opSys was using. Worked great and, to use the cliché, "groovy"

Reboot system and it immediately hangs after that cute little Fedora icon finishes to say that it booted. Just hangs and hangs. To use the cliché again, "not groovy".

I figure I have no choice but to reinstall
Why don't edit grub "boot line" to switch to level 3 and see what happens using startx? Then examine the log files Xorg.0.log*

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Thanks for the reply. Given the "here it is" replies from Eric and Kevin, I'm going to take the easy route and use that rather than get myself into more trouble with Xorg.


If you use the advice from François you can make the other changes by using
su - to get to root without having to reinstall.  In textmode you have
control over your system that the graphical boot takes away from you. Besides on all the systems I've tried so far it is much faster to login and
type startx than is tis to wait for all the graphics.

Robert McBroom


Though I certainly agree with the benefits you describe, I have to admit that I don't feel secure enough in my skills to venture into such. Just trying to run vanilla quite often gets me into trouble. That being said, fedora / red hat / linux is one heck of alot easier than Windows as far as I am concerned.

Once I have a stable f12 install, I'll read man page / web to learn more about startx as your advice indicates it is probably something I could find useful.

Thanks for the email,

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