Re: Compiz plugins + OT keyboard layouts ?!?

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Although the subject of keyboard layouts is moving off topic and should
be a new thread ...

On Sun, 2009-12-06 at 17:20 +0000, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> On Sunday 06 December 2009 09:45:53 Suvayu Ali wrote:
> > On Sunday 06 December 2009 01:39 AM, Eric Tanguy wrote:
> > > How to know what key is <super> ?
> > 
> > Although its usually the "Windows"  key, you can check by running xev
> > from the terminal. This will give you a keycode for the key, but I don't
> > know how you can make sure that is the correct keycode.
> I've always found this "super" and "meta" terminology quite confusing. What 
> keys do you press when you read "press <alt>+<meta3>+F9" in some instruction 
> manual?

It's a confusion you won't get rid of -- it is far too steeped in
history and nostalgia.

> Given that some keyboards might or might not have one or more "Windows" and 
> similar keys present, there must be some table in X configuration files that 
> maps available keyboard layout to names such as <super>, <meta1-4>, <alt>, 
> <ctrl> and <shift>. The problem is where this information actually is and how 
> to make it easily available for a newbie.
In Gnome, System => Preferences => Keyboard => Layouts => Layout
Options; tries to show the different keyboard options that you have.
Along the way, it kind of points to what is Super key and what is a Win
key etc.  It is not really satisfying as a guide, but it was the
simplest demonstration I could find.

> After so many years of using Linux, I myself am still not sure what are super 
> and meta keys on my keyboard. I never bothered to do a serious investigation 
> of this, but certainly, one should not be supposed to use google and read 
> configuration files in order to find out which key is where on the keyboard...
> Or am I missing something completely obvious here?

A couple of years ago I spent more than two weeks chasing down the real
meaning of the various key designations, key codes, keyboard layouts
etc., etc.  The whole subject is quite arcane, convoluted and
prehistoric, loaded with repressed emotional content.  It seems to boil
down to a quite common rule employed by the scientific and technological
community.  "Those few who truly understand it won't explain it, and
those of us who only understand some of it can't explain it."

End of rant.  If anyone wants to respond, be fair to the OP and start a
new thread.

Regards Bill
Fedora 11, Gnome 2.26.3
Evo.2.26.3, Emacs 23.1.1

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