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Craig White writes:

On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 07:09 -0500, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
I thought that a week ago packagegit was updated to require authentication before installing all packages, even signed ones. I just ran packagegit to install all current updates, and realized that it didn't prompt me for the root password. I want to change that.
I can't find the "Security" tool in the administration menu which in
previous versions of Fedora could be used to configure which actions require
authentication. Where did that tool move to?
I think installing updates and installing previously uninstalled
packages are different things and packagekit will allow the former but
perhaps now, not the latter.

You might want to look at the release notes...

specifically the 'Security' section where it talks about PolicyKit which
is what I think you are referring to and will give you some clues about
In previous versions of Fedora there was a tool in the Administration menu
that allowed me to configure authorization. There was a convenient list of
all system activities, and whether or not a root password is required.
Unless I'm hallucinating, I remember doing it before. I remember
once telling the package upgrade tool not to prompt for passwords any more,
and when I changed my mind, I found this security tool, found the setting
for installing rpms, unchecked it, and the demands for the root passwords,
before package installation can proceed, came back.
Although this configuration tool was obviously not for the newbies, it
allowed for a well document setting of local system security policies.
Now, I must manually edit a bunch of files. That looks like a step
backwards, to me.

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