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Le 22/11/2009 17:49, stan a écrit :
> On Sun, 22 Nov 2009 11:07:57 +0100
> François Patte <francois.patte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Is there a tutorial to configure a sound card under fedora 10?
> I'm not aware of one, though that doesn't mean there isn't one.
>> My sound card (Realtek ALC 882 integrated on Asus P5WD2 mobo) is
>> working but the sound is not clear: a lot of interferences (bzzzz,
>> criccroc...), so, in piano passages of record, I can ear more
>> electronic sounds than music....
>> Is there a way to have no background noise?
> If the noise isn't there in the original recording, it is probably
> coming from processing *after* the sound card. 

Thanks for answering. I am not able to  answer all your questions, I'll
try my best.

> Are you changing the
> frame rate on the sound?

No. I just play sound from CD (or DVD) or from the HD if I have ripped a
 record. I listen to internet streams too (radio).

>  On the fly resampling can lead to artifacts
> such as you describe.
> The sound card does the best it can under all circumstances given the
> input and output.  There really isn't any configuration unless you are
> using the wrong driver.

I did not install any driver, the sound card was working out of the box
after install.

How can check this point? And, if necessary, where can I find the good

> If this doesn't give you enough hints to solve the problem, you will
> need to post more information.
> What is the source of the music?

As I told: CD, DVD, HD, streams

> How does it get to the sound card?

This, I don't understand/know. pulseaudio is working. I am a member of
pulse-rt group.

> What program are you using to record?

I don't record anything.

> Is pulseaudio running?  Have you configured it with pavucontrol?

I don't understand how to configure anything with this: I can only
modify a level, but how can I know what is the good level?

> Are frame rates consistent throughout?

I don't understand this question!

Thanks for helping.

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