Re: Fedora 12 install grief

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On 11/18/2009 04:46 PM, James Allsopp wrote:
> Hi,
> Downloaded the x86_64 install, checked the checcksum, burnt the dvd and
> checked as part of the install.
> Plus point, looks very nice!
> Got to the setting up filesystems, i've 2x1tb and a 120gb drive.
> Set each of the tb drives as 300mb boot (ext3), 4gb swap, and everything
> else as raid 1. I set one of the \boot partitions as /boot. I placed an
> lvm of top of the RAID. In the lvm, I placed a /25gb, /usr 30gb, /var,
> 20gb /tmp 10gb (all ext4) and about 800gb /home.
> I set the 120gb drive as lvm and placed one 20gb partition in it.
> The installer then crashed and hard locked. I'm writing this from
> memory, and can't remember the exact error.
> Am I doing anything stupid?

Not really but we need the exact error. can you try again?


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