Fedora 12 install grief

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Downloaded the x86_64 install, checked the checcksum, burnt the dvd and
checked as part of the install.

Plus point, looks very nice!

Got to the setting up filesystems, i've 2x1tb and a 120gb drive.

Set each of the tb drives as 300mb boot (ext3), 4gb swap, and everything
else as raid 1. I set one of the \boot partitions as /boot. I placed an
lvm of top of the RAID. In the lvm, I placed a /25gb, /usr 30gb, /var,
20gb /tmp 10gb (all ext4) and about 800gb /home.

I set the 120gb drive as lvm and placed one 20gb partition in it.

The installer then crashed and hard locked. I'm writing this from
memory, and can't remember the exact error.

Am I doing anything stupid?

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