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On 11/17/2009 07:12 PM, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
I'm with my F11 x86_64 and trying to have an easy pp to do what in subject. Found references to Manslide and qdvdauthor, but none of them seems to be pre-packaged.

For Manslide I can find only a tar.gz that contains the binary app and files here:
but it doesn't work well and crashes...

For qdvdauthor I have downloaded 2.0 version and created rpm with the spec file but it seems not so intuitive...

Any hints for these and/or other similar applications usable under F11?

Thanks in advance,
yum install dvd-slideshow

from the RPM Fusion Free repo

dvd-slideshow is a group of Linux commandline programs that create a
slideshow style dvd from groups of pictures. Slideshow videos can be made from a directory or some online photo albums. You can add fancy effects like fades, titles, and the Kenburns effect (slowly zooming and panning at the same time)
along with audio to make your slideshows even nicer. There is also a script
which generates a menu for your dvd (dvd-menu).

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