Re: Alpine paragraph justification failing

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Beartooth wrote:

> Many times, when I hit ^J amid text in compose mode, it merely
> makes a mess; and trying to mitigate that only keeps making it worse.
> This is with Alpine 2.0 under Fedora 11; I haven't yet managed to
> spot a pattern in when it happens.
> I asked on the Alpine list, and was told inter alia that "Alpine
> 2.00 in Fedora 11 has been known to have bugs not related to
> Alpine, but to gcc. You may want to report this to them and see if they
> can duplicate it."

There's been exactly 1 gcc-induced bug in alpine that I'm aware of, which 
was fixed eons ago.  Any remaining complaints, without evidence, is FUD as 
far as I'm concerned.

-- Rex

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