Re: Compiling a i386 kernel on a x64 system.

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On 14 Nov 2009 at 11:31, Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:

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Subject:	Re: Compiling a i386 kernel on a x64 system.
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> On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 10:19 AM, Michael D. Setzer II <mikes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     An earlier message stated that this can be done, but it doesn't seem to work
>     on my system, so perhaps I am missing something.
>     I use the source code, and copy the same .config file I use on the
>     i386 machine. If I run make menuconfig or just make, it prompts for
>     processor, and only give x86 options..
>     The new phenom II 955 system can build a kernel in about 12 minutes
>     versus the 2 hours of the other system, so being able to build with the new
>     system would be a real advantage.
>     The i386 has Fedora 10, and the x64 has Fedora 11.
>     Perhaps something else needs to be installed, or some option.
> Use mock. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to accomplish what you want.
> This is the simplest way of isolating your build from all of the 64 bit stuff
> installed on your system.

In a look at mock, it seems to be for srpms builds. I'm looking at building a 
full kernel from source for use in the g4l project that I am the current 
maintainer of. Mostly the kernels are on the CD to allow users to boot and do 
disk imaging of the machines. The kernels can also be placed in grub and 
grub4dos as well, but are actually separate from the machine they are build 

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