Mobile Braodband (GSM) on fc9 i686 laptop

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Dear List,

I just received a gift from my wife of a Verizon mobile broadband (GSM)
usb modem.  Unfortunately all of the documentation is for the inferior
MS platform.  

I have plugged it into my usb port and nm-tool recognizes it as :

Device ----ttyACM0-----
Type   : Mobile Broadband (GSM)
Driver : cdc_acm
State  : disconnected
Default: no

I have tried calling Verizon about connecting to Linux, but have only
waded through the first layer of responders that were  not aware of

Have any of you used these with Fedora?  Can you point me in the
direction of a "how to" or is there an easy switch to toggle.

Thanks in advance !!!!

Greg Ennis

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