Re: should I go for 64bit version of Fedora 11 ?

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On 11/4/2009 6:14 AM, Tim wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-11-05 at 03:58 +1100, Roger wrote:
>> Were I in your position I would opt for 32 bit install the software
>> and just 'use' the computer.  In truth you probably will install 64
>> bit and all the discussion is merely opinions.
> My laptop supposedly supports 64 bit computing, but I installed 32 bit
> software, seeing as (at the time) people were stating all sorts of
> issues with using 64 bits for some of the things that I was already
> doing on 32 bits, without any troubles.  For example, getting Flash to
> work on websites, or using sound (I seem to recall an issue with some
> sound cards, and 64 bits).
> Given some time for experimentation, and a new computer (i.e. one
> without anything I needed to keep on it), I'd be tempted to do a 64 bit
> install, and see how it worked with the things that I wanted to do.
> Then, it'd be an easy case to wipe off and install 32 bit software, if
> it was a dismal failure, or just keep on using 64 bit software if I
> couldn't see a problem with it.
> Having a fresh computer is an ideal time to try it both ways, and decide
> for yourself, based on your own needs and experiences.

When I built my first x86_64 box several years ago I immediately
installed an x86_64 Fedora OS and software. With the needed x86 software
and libraries mixed in as dealt with by the Fedora system. I never
'fought' the system. Whatever 'Fedora' wanted to do I did. I have had
none of the problems that some have mentioned. None. Ever.

You bought the hardware why not use it?



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