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On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 16:29 +0000, Mike Cloaked wrote: 
> Aioanei Rares <schaiba <at>> writes:
> > Please explain what do you mean by 'different effect' and how is the hw 
> > reset by rebooting vs cold boot
> > 
> OK - when I first came across this problem - it was when I shutdown the machine
> i.e. to the point where the machine was powered off.
> a) then if I pushed the power button on the computer to boot it, then nothing
> I did would allow the mouse input to be recognised
> both at the kdm greeter, and if I then used keyboard input alone to log in, 
> then also in the logged in gnome desktop the mouse was not recognised.
> b) However, if I then pulled out the usb plug for the mouse sender, and plugged 
> it back in then the mouse input was recognised properly.
> c) If at that point I selected reboot from the logged in desktop, then after 
> rebooting, the mouse would be recognised at both the kdm greeter screen and
> also at the logged in desktop. This reboot keeps the power on and the fans
> running during the shutdown and subsequent reboot.
Are you sure that during a reboot the power is not interrupted briefly.
How would you detect the fans loosing power for a few miliseconds? 
> If at that point I shutdown and powered off.  Then pushed the power button to 
> start the machine then I would be back to a) above
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