Re: FC11- getting message about 'battery broken'

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Robert Moskowitz:
>> Now I did not get anything like this with FC10 on the system and it 
>> would run a number hours on battery.
>> How do I check this out?

Chris Tyler:
> I means what it says: the battery is dead. Remember that the machine was
> younger when you were running F10 on it ... the same battery condition
> under F10 will produce that message too (I have a laptop which produces
> it).

Or that Fedora 11 can't read the hardware properly that checks on the
battery.  When I updated, 11 said all sorts of silly things about my
battery, but it's fine.  e.g. It thought the battery was always fully
charged, and didn't notice it discharging.  I have a multi-boot laptop,
and it was easy to test with another OS.

As for Robert checking his, if he has another OS, or still has a Fedora
10 installation, or a live disc, he can boot up one of them.  He might
try updating Fedora 11, in case there's an update that improves reading
the hardware.

[tim@localhost ~]$ uname -r

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