Re: FC11- getting message about 'battery broken'

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On Sat, 2009-10-31 at 21:10 -0400, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> I am running gnome and when I log in I get:
> Battery may be broken
> Your battery has a very low capacity (2%) , which means that it may be 
> old or broken.
> Now I did not get anything like this with FC10 on the system and it 
> would run a number hours on battery.
> How do I check this out?
> Oh, the system is an ASUS ee701 with a 4Gb SDD drive and a 8Gb SD card.

I means what it says: the battery is dead. Remember that the machine was
younger when you were running F10 on it ... the same battery condition
under F10 will produce that message too (I have a laptop which produces


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