Where is the Trash? In the box with the Ambiguity?

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No! There isn't enough room, the Ambiguity has put on weight!

Just for curiosity, does anyone have a clue why the Gnome
developers are all completely insane?

What apocalypse do they imagine would take place if they actually
allowed nautilus to provide information, like the real honest to
gosh location of the folder it is browsing? (It is spelt
trash:///, but pronounced throat-warbler mangrove).

I found the Trash by the way, but only by using strace on the
nautilus trash app while opening the trash folder :-).

It is ~/.local/share/Trash/ (at the moment, they'll probably move
it when they find someone has discovered the location, or perhaps
apply some sort of time of day driven spread spectrum algorithm to
constantly rename it :-).

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