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Christoph Höger wrote:
I somehow broke my ATX 4P 12V Power Socket from my mb. Here's my question: Is there any hope to get such a socket as a
replacement part somewhere and try if repluging would help?
The problem is not so much difficulty finding the part. The problem
is going to be removing the broken one without damaging the MB.
Those boards are multi layered, so desolering the pins is a bit
of a challenge. I'd try breaking up the old socket with a pair
of dykes to get the shell off first, then try to desolder the
pins one at a time. A solder sucker is necessary for this.
You may have a pin broken off inside the board. A solder sucker
can likely get it back out for you. A toothpick can also be

Be gentle, and use a temperature controlled iron. Wattage doesn't
much matter, so long as it is high enough. You'll see "never use
a high power iron on PC boards" recommended. This is untrue. The
power doesn't matter, but the temperature does. Be careful not
to overheat the board, that's what counts.

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