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2009/10/15 Christoph Höger <choeger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> I just wondered why my fan always runs after a while. After closing
> firefox (which took 50% cpu along with X) I now have a load of roughly
> 0.06 - barely nothing computed at all. Both cores are in the lowest
> config and yet my cpu temperature goes from 42°C to 47°C in roughly 2
> minutes (and back by fan activity).
> I would understand this if there was some load, but what causes my CPU
> to heat if it does nothing? Design failure? Has anybody seen such a
> thing?
> regards
> Christoph

Every notebook collects DUST inside the air vents and the cooler mechanism.

So while the fan might be running at the same RPM air flow is lower
and heat increases, so the system senses the high temperature and
tells the fan to run at a higher speed. Same thing that happens with
fat clogged arteries.

The solution is simple: buy yourself an AIR COMPRESSOR. Use it once or
twice a month. Do it with the system running and plugged to AC. Just
blow compressed air into the air intake vents at the back of your
laptop-notebook. The air you blow in will free the dust, and the
system´s normal air flow will expell a dust cloud out of your

It´s inmediate. Just a 4-5 sec blow of compressed air (move the air
compresor from side to side to cover all the air intake-exhaust vents)
will do.

It´s amazing the amount of dust that gests out of my system (a 5 years
old AMD Athlon 64) on each monthly cleaning exercise.

My father owns a P4 Sony VAIO and he complained all the time about his
system overheating. I told him about the air compressor trick and now
his problem is gone.

Desktops need such cleaning as well, although not as often (the space
in the cooler-heatsing is larger and as such it takes more time to get
clogged with dust).


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