bash oom problem

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hi list, whilst trying to run this bash command

for w in {A..Z}{A..Z}{A..Z}{A..Z}{A..Z}{A..Z}{A..Z}{A..Z} ;do echo $w;done > wl1

on my aspire one (which is running rawhide) it kept crashing my system down with no reasons shown in any of the logs, so i tried it on my desktop machine which is an athlonx2 6000 with 2GB of ram and a raid0 array, with 2GB of swap and it too crashed the terminal but it did give me an error and it turned out to be an oom error so i tried upping the swap partition to 10GB and i'm still getting an oom crash, can anyone suggest a way of getting the command to dump the output to disk each time it gets close to running out of memory? or is this command always doomed to fail?


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