Dual display with Fedora 11

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I have a small Acer desktop with two video connectors. The onboard
chip is an Nvidia GF7100 with a VGA connector. The addin PCIe board
has an Nvidia G100 with an HDMI connector. I have identical monitors
attached to both connectors.

The Windows which came with the box has no trouble automatically
recognizing and using both monitors. Of course, that is of no interest
to me except to verify the hardware is working and connected properly.
I want both monitors to work with Fedora 11.

My installation has Gnome, KDE, and XFce4. None of them seem to
recognize that the box even has a second video interface. The monitor
they use is the one attached to the addin board but the one that
system-config-display reports under "hardware"/"video card" is the
GF7100. Selecting "use dual head" and then "second video card" shows
only "====".

lshw reports both video adapters. It shows GF7100 for the onboard chip
but only shows the PCI numbers for the G100, not the name.

I have tried manual editing of xorg.conf. Now system-config-display
says it is running in dual head mode but still doesn't show a second
display adapter. And the second display is still dark.

I have selected the nvidia driver for the GF7100 but vesa for the
G100. The nvidia driver doesn't seem to recognize the G100 and X
refuses to start if I try to use it.

Can anyone tell me the secret incantation I need to get this working?
Dave Close, Compata, Irvine CA      "The cost of silicon chips has been
dave@xxxxxxxxxxx, +1 714 434 7359    steady at about $1bn per acre for
dhclose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx           40 years." --Gordon Moore

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