Fsck at shutdown instead of startup

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Hello List,

Today I once again had to wait 30 minutes for fsck to finish checking my 1TB disk and I'm getting a bit fed up with it. I'd like to make it so that the PC is checking its disks at shutdown instead of at startup. I don't really care if it takes hours to complete after a shutdown, but if I have to wait when I actually want to use the PC, that kinda really annoys me.
I've looked around on the net and it seems Ubuntu has a tool to do this.
But no such thing exists for Fedora afaik. Some people on the net
suggested to make a bash script to execute at shutdown. Now this seems
to be a solution, but the filesystems will still be mounted RW when I
want to check them, so that's not gonna work.
Has anyone else found a solution to this problem or maybe give some
pointers on how to make it work?
Regards, Gijs

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