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Philip Heron wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an old PC running F10, setup to play a simple animation in a
> display. Nothing fancy. Yesterday the town was hit with a series of
> power cuts which seems to have well and truely mucked it up. I took a
> picture of the kind of errors I'm getting:
> The HAL bit sits for ages, then the screen blanks. X fails to start,
> trying to login on the console gives me a password error, and ssh fails
> to connect. I've run e2fsck on the disk and it seems fine.
> Should I just nuke it and start again? Or is there a handy way to fix it?
> -Phil
Well, with errors shown, it will probably be better to nuke it and
start over. The system could probably be restored, but it will take
a lot more work.

What I would probably start with is boot to run level one, and run
"rpm -Va | less". It may appear to sit there doing nothings, because
this command only produces an output if it finds a mismatch. If you
want to see what it is doing, you can add a -v to the command. (rpm
-Va -v | less) But this produces a LOT of output, and makes it
harder to spot bad files.

If it finds a lot of bad files, it is probably going to be faster to
re-install and update. You should consider using ext3 file systems
directly on disk partitions instead of using the default LVM.


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