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2009/9/27 bruce <[email protected]>:
> hey...
> trying to solve an issue on changing the title of the current gnome-terminal
> session.
> how does one go about changing the title of the current gnome-terminal via
> the cmdline...
> i'm trying to figure out if you can use escape sequences, or modifying the
> profile for the terminal.
> trying some of the escape sequences from different web sites haven't
> worked...
> thoughts/comments/pointers appreciated...

Follow the instructions at You
don't say which shell you're using, but using the default bash shell,
you can do this:

$ echo -ne "\033]0;A New Title\007"

You'll probably need to unset the PROMPT_COMMAND value first;


> i'm running fedora 9

You know that's unsupported, right? I strongly recommend upgrading.



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